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It is difficult for the Parish Council to launch special functions, events or programs unless persons donate their time or we receive financial support. Donations can be unrestricted and therefore used at the Council’s discretion, or they can be restricted to the program or event of your choice.

Recently we launched a new scholarship program. Its success requires the input and financial support of the residents of Hamilton Parish. Individuals, business and other organizations are invited to create scholarships, of any kind. Each donor decides how their scholarship will be titled. Some donors may want to create scholarships in their name, or choose to remember someone who has touched their lives by creating a memorial or honor scholarship. What better way to honor the memory of a loved one or pay tribute to a special person than to create a scholarship or a program in their name. Memorial or honor scholarships may be funded annually or through an endowment.

If you would prefer to establish a standing order and make small monthly donations, that too will go a long way to improve our ability to serve the parish. Every donation received by the Council will be reviewed and properly accounted for in our audited financial statements. Receipts will be distributed directly to the donor electronically. If you would prefer to make a donation through your own online banking, then please use the following information:

Bank details:

Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son Limited
Account Number: 20006060464649100